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Zine Machine Fest co-organizer Everett Rand will be presenting his legendary Mineshaft Magazine, on whose pages has regularly appeared the work of R. Crumb, Billy Childish, Christoph Mueller, Jay Lynch, Mary Fleener, Art Spiegelman, and Bill Griffith among many others. Writes Gioia Palmieri: “It was in Vermont that Everett said to me that he would like to start a magazine. I asked him what the name should be and he said that he had liked “Mineshaft”. This was the name translated into English of our favorite bar in La Paz, Bolivia where we had lived in the early ‘90s. El Socovan was on a side street a few blocks from the university. The entrance was a red door that opened onto stairs leading into a basement. The owner supported the arts and there was always a band or performance group, and art covering the walls. A bowl of coca leaves sat on the end of the bar.” Everett and Gioia live in Durham with their daughter Irena.

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