Emily writes: Emily Eve Weinstein arrived in North Carolina in 1982, after traveling around the United States and Canada for three years painting the unwinding scenery. Currently Weinstein is working on a 25 year handmade book series which is an all consuming project…she will be 80 when it is complete.
In Durham she originated two businesses: Pet & People Portraiture and Murals-by-Many. Weinstein has exhibited widely and has four published art gift books. She takes part in the Orange County Artist Guild Open Studio tour and teaches plein air painting through the Art Center in Carrboro.
Life Drawing! accordian book will be introduced Saturday at Zine Fest in Durham…

Spotlight on RIO AUBRY TAYLOR!

Rio writes: Rio Aubry Taylor is a multidisciplinary cartooner and cyberpunk living the life of a movie-star secret hideout, somewhere in the United States. Xe enjoys the taste and sensation of warm mud and the feelings evoked from one-pointed concentration. In the summer Rio is a butterfly/bee, flitting from honey to flowers. In the winter xe’s a knight-statue, staying very still, lying under ground.

Rio possesses an MFA from the Center for Cartoon Studies and has been published by The National Cartoonists Society and the Swedish Comics Association, among others. Xir newest comics project is a monthly ongoing work of brutal psychedelia called JETTY, of which Rio will be debuting the third issue at Zine Machine.