Spotlight on ERIC KNISLEY!

EK writes: Eric Knisley will bring  24-hour comics (entirely created in one 24-hour run), wild collage work, surreal abstract paintings, photos and also a special item: 11-foot-long “exquisite corpse” collaborations which must be be seen to be believed. Hope to see you all there.


Spotlight on MARK Z

Mark Z, aka ZMan, writes: “I think you have to distort reality in order to arrive at an honest or accurate interpretation of the world.”

Z­Man studied animation, pairing and drawing at the Art Institute in Chicago (his hometown), has been in numerous group shows and several solo exhibitions in galleries in San Francisco and New York City, where he now lives. He teaches at Baruch College in New York. He has also worked as an illustrator/cartoonist, appearing in numerous publications; and he has worked as an animator, for TV commercials and other projects.  Cover-need title

New York novel part 2-cover