Catawampus Press writes:

Catawampus Press is a crafty little print shop located in Durham, North Carolina, specializing in strange and wonderful handmade paper goods. Established in 2017, Catawampus Press is here to add some much-needed color and personality to the world. From hand-printed cards to screen printed tees, Catawampus Press is like the charming creature under your bed who likes to steal your socks and bake you cookies, we kind of do it all. With over a decade of experience in printmaking, illustration, and art direction are the shapeshifting ‘Wampus Kitty of the Southeast.



Super Shinkydink writes:

@supershrinkydink on instagram is where local artist Hyewon Grigoni posts her creations of miniature renderings of things and animals that she loves but can’t afford to have in life size.

shrinkydink.jpgShe also illustrates some of the more interesting emails her neighbors post on their neighborhood listserve as @neighborhoodlistserve. Mostly lost pets, free mattresses, and the occasional odd request.

Hyewon will be bringing her original shrinkydinks mounted on wood blocks and jewelry, postcards, as well zines about worm composting, feeding picky eaters, naughty dogs and more.