ZM5 Special Programs! Check it out!

ZM is pleased to announce two VERY SPECIAL & TOTALLY FREE public talks on Sunday, October 13th, during the zine fest:

1:30PM – PATRICK HOLT – Underestimating Comics

Durham County librarian, Durham Comics Fest organizer, & all-around comics SUPER GENIUS Patrick Holt will give a talk called “Underestimating Comics.” Do you think Scott McCloud’s Understanding Comics is the last word in making sense of comics? Think again!

3:30PM – RYAN HOLMBERG – Only Idiots Make Good Manga Translators

Is manga difficult to translate? Ryan knows the answer & it might surprise you! Exploring the tricks of the trade, scholar Ryan Holmberg chats about what he’s learned after translating nearly two dozen manga



Spotlight on Zine Machine #5!

Scroll down through some of the awesomeness you’ll find at ZM5!
MAGIC Pixie Dream Girl
Andrew Duke
ATROX X cyclomattus
ATROX X cyclomattus
Adrienne Wilder

Brittany MacBride
Brittany MacBride
Catawampus Press
Cold Soup Zines & Books
Cold Soup
Robby Poore
David Eichenberger
Triangle Comics Creator Network
Evan McIntyre
Heartbreak Quadrant
Heartbreak Quadrant
Sarah Durgin
Honey Hex
Icarus Print
Icarus Print
Asmodeus Blueprints
Jordan Smith
Jordan Smith
L. Jamal Walton
Logan Britt
Madison Speyer
Madison Speyer
Max Clotfelter
Meeting Comics
Melty Cat
milissa orzolek
Milissa Orzolek
Milk and Honey Comics
Nat. Brut
nat. brut
Nathanael Roney
Ryan Oakley
Paula Spring
Paula Spring
Percy Dewd
Pocket Press
Pocket Press
Poetry Fox
Rae Whitlock
Rae Whitlock
Riley TillRuu and Walter

Saifey Maynor
Saifey Maynor
Sam Respass
Savannah Patts & Natty King
Savannah Patts & Natty King
Smelly Things Zine and Teeth Zine
Smelly Things Zine and Teeth Zine
T and K Castelli
T and K Castelli
Tedd Anderson
Thomas Lampion
Timo Weaver
Tofu Press
Tongue in Cheek Press
Two Dead Queers
Utilities Included
Utilities Included
AdHouse Books
Alice Holleman
Andy Gabrysiak
Bronwyn Gruet
Amerilii Art
Black Girl Magic
Caitlin Degnon
Marx Myth
Eric Knisley
Matthew Tauch
ji vazquez
Jessica Bowie
Caroline Kerrigan
The Abbott & Costello Coloring Book
Piedmont Farm Animal Rescue
SM Dempsey Comics
The Concern Newsstand
Inky Knife Press
Zine Bean Collective
Zine Bean Collective
zabkillkitten art









OCRCC Zine Workshop Series

The Orange County Rape Crisis Center, who will be tabling at this year’s Zine Machine, announces a zine writing workshop series:zine writing wkshop-page-002

Zine-making & Creative writing Workshops | Mondays Sept 24-Oct 8, 7:15-8:15 at the Hargraves Community Center 216 N. Roberson St. in Chapel Hill | Register by September 22 by emailing anole [at]

This three workshop series is open to all survivors of sexual violence and those who support them. Attendees are welcome to attend one or more sessions, with no pre-screening required. In this workshop series, writers and zinesters, Heather and Mesha will facilitate writing exercises focused on joy and lead attendees through the process of collaboratively creating a DIY publication (zine) out of the writings they create. The zine will be distributed at the Zine Machine Festival in Durham on Saturday October 13.