What’s this about?

Durham Armory
The Durham Armory

The ZINE MACHINE: Durham Printed Matter Festival calls all zinesters, comic artists, indy book writers, and assorted DIY printed matter makers to join us in our annual occupation of the historic Durham Armory for a festival of anti-corporate, autonomous, alternative printed media!

Printed matter is anything that is printed such as zines, comics, prints, chap books, posters, books and everything in between. We’re interested in showcasing work that is DIY, independent, personal, peculiar, or just plain awesome.

A heads up to all parents thinking of bringing their kids to the Zine Machine. Please do! However, be advised that some of the materials on display by the vendors are intended for an adult audience. There will also be plenty of folks offering/displaying kid friendly work. We want everyone to have an enjoyable experience!

If you have questions, email us at: durhamsupergraphic@gmail.com

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