Spotlight on CURTIS ELLER!


Zine Machine is thrilled to welcome CURTIS ELLER, who will bring his jaw-dropping banjo stylings to the Durham Armory to help celebrate the zine fest:

“Having spent a decade toiling in the musical sweatshops of New York City, banjo player and songwriter, Curtis Eller uprooted his family and resettled in some faded, tobacco town in the North Carolina Piedmont to begin the arduous task of assembling a new version of his band, The American Circus. The latest version of the band is a brutish and inelegant rock & roll outfit, known to haunt the beer halls, burlesque houses and underground theaters of the eastern seaboard. They specialize in banjo music for funerals, gospel tunes for atheists and novelty dance fads for amputees. A lavish, Hollywood, dance sequence unfolding on the floor of a Chicago meatpacking plant in 1894.” (from

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